About Us

About Us

Inspiring ・ Fostering ・ Empowering

Bellevue Children’s Academy, an International Baccalaureate® World School, provides an educational framework that fosters the development of the whole child. We are attentive to students’ social, emotional and physical welfare, guiding them to excel both academically and developmentally. BCA students are motivated to become global citizens who demonstrate innovation, creativity and dignity.


Rigorous Academics – From the earliest grades, we encourage our students to wonder, to inquire, and to be self-reliant, laying the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. BCA is committed to stimulating students’ intellectual curiosity through both traditional and progressive methodologies. Students are encouraged to grow into independent thinkers as they study the foundational core academic subjects. BCA teachers nurture and guide the learning process. They facilitate safe and secure environments that enable students to ask questions, take risks, and assume responsibility in preparation to become the leaders of tomorrow. Scholars with heart—that describes the dedicated people who make up the BCA community.

Expanding The Learning Environment – Ingenuity, creativity and exploration comprise our foundation for instilling values of lifelong learning. Learning at BCA extends far beyond our classroom walls: • Field Trips • LEGO Education • Musical Performance • Talent Show • After School Enrichment Classes

Engaged Community – Our community is united to provide the best education and center of learning for our children. Our Parents Association is vital to this success. Their dedication and commitment help to implement programs that enhance and enrich the educational, cultural, and social experience of all students, in support of BCA’s core curriculum.

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Why do families choose BCA®/WPS®?

  • World Class Education through our International Baccalaureate® World School Accreditation
    • Promoting a global perspective through a collaborative and rigorous learning environment using the IB framework
  • Academic Excellence
    • Advanced robust curriculum that inspires students to thrive
  • Depth vs Acceleration
    • Beyond pure memorization of facts into understanding and application
  • Inquiry-Based Learning
    • Fostering curiosity and developing the skills needed to acquire knowledge both inside the classroom and the outside world
  • Experiential Learning
    • Wide range of field trips and school visits enhance our curriculum
  • Small Class Sizes: 10-15 students per class
    • Nurturing and student-centered classroom environments
  • Specialist Classes: Art, Computer/ Robotics, Drama, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, LEGO Education/ Design, Band
    • Creating a well-rounded learning experience
  • Extended Care Programs
    • Varied after school programs designed to extend learning beyond the school day

Bellevue Children’s Academy® is comprised of four campuses:


Timing Seminars (Pre-K/K/Bilingual K) @ 6 PM
Timing Seminars (1st/2nd grades) @ 6 PM
Timing Seminars (3rd/4th grades) @ 6 PM