About Us


Yuka Shimizu -- Founder

Dear Parents,

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the digital home of Bellevue Children’s Academy.

Beginning in 2000, BCA started to push the boundaries of early education and elementary education, settling for nothing less than a dynamic program that would inspire and foster the potential that lies within every child.

Coming from Japan, I had three children who started in the ESL program and moved through private education, public education, and to a gifted program. All three children are so different; I see the gift and talent of each child.  Every child is gifted. Each should shine. The beginnings of this mission started by myself is now being shared with other children. Year after year, we continue to grow with enrollment now reaching into the 700s and with a strong reputation.  Mr. Shimizu lost his battle to the cancer, however his legacy is carried and continued through the children who benefit from BCA’s education.

Bellevue Children’s Academy provides an educational framework that fosters the development of the whole child. The reality of our students’ future is becoming ever apparent. Our children will step into a world full of innovation and advancements. Many of the jobs our children will have in the future have not yet even been conceived. It is our job to prepare these future leaders with the skills and character to think critically, push the lines of creativity, and lead in a global society.

When you step into our classrooms you will experience an environment that inspires a love of learning and aesthetically balances the learning process. A curriculum is only as strong as the teachers who facilitate the learning process, and it is our teachers that provide the cornerstone of our classrooms. We take pride in our dedicated educators who on a daily basis exhibit a passion and desire to help each child experience success. We support our students when they tackle challenges and we spark interests and delve deeper to create advanced skill sets.

With each new school year we strive to provide the resources, care, motivation and complexity that generate a cutting edge education that far exceeds that of the past. It is our responsibility to bring the students the most updated innovated design of learning.  After BCA education, the mission will be carried to Willows Preparatory School, our middle/high school program.

It is with great confidence that we welcome you to both schools, and find joy in the opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful faculty and leadership, students and families, that make up our schools. Two great schools in one philosophy.

Best regards,

Yuka Shimizu

Founder and President

Bellevue Children’s Academy/Willows Preparatory School

Meet Your Teacher Day for all enrolled incoming PreK-4th graders