Understanding A Student’s Needs

When parents begin searching for the perfect school, the options are often overwhelming. Every parent begins an academic endeavor with his or her child’s needs in mind. It is the goal of each parent to find an environment that can support the child, while also finding just the right place to encourage and help a child accomplish their goals and dreams.  The search is personal and one thing is for certain – everyone is looking for the best option and parents are not looking to settle. At Bellevue Children’s Academy we aim to assist in this educational journey, answering questions and offering clarity so that decisions can be made with assurance and confidence.


Here at Bellevue Children’s Academy® we provide a variety of specialized and engaging learning experiences for your child.  As a team of professional educators, we understand the needs of each child and work collaboratively to create the best learning environment for each child and cater to their individual needs.  We take pride in our profession and are committed to ensuring an education that balances academic, social and emotional development. Every child deserves the opportunity to experience success – we make that happen! 

Continued Excellence

Bellevue Children’s Academy® is an authorized International Baccalaureate® Primary Years Programme IB World School and Willows Preparatory School is an authorized International Baccalaureate® Middle Years Programme IB World School. Willows High School is a candidate school of the International Baccalaureate® Diploma Program.

Beginning in Pre-K, our students develop within the Primary Years Programme through 5th grade. The transformation continues after students transfer to our IB Middle Years Programme at Willows Preparatory School. Our two schools, under one philosophy, offer a continuous and streamlined education from Pre-K through 9th grade. On a daily basis, our students work to demonstrate strong character and advanced academics. Students showcase innovative thinking and exemplify compassion as they strive to become the future leaders of our world. An IB education ensures our students have the foundation and tools for them to be successful, global citizens.

Challenging Curriculum: Depth vs. Acceleration

Our goal is for students to solidify foundational skills and concepts so that learning can achieve depth and application. Although our students are traditionally working above grade level, the focus is not on providing an accelerated curriculum, but rather a curriculum that challenges students to make connections and apply knowledge. Knowledge is different than understanding, and students step outside of the pure memorization of facts and into an environment with stimulating discussions and real-world applications. Students are encouraged to build upon foundational skills and apply them during problem solving and challenging engagements.

Whole Class Instruction And Small Class Sizes

You may see small class sizes at any private school, but not all schools optimize teaching time with whole class instruction like we do at Bellevue Children’s Academy. It is our pedagogical approach to spend each class period incorporating intentional review, grade level materials, and above grade-level materials. Every child is presented with challenging tasks rather than differentiated instruction based upon a teacher’s observations and initial label of that child. Our students naturally build stamina as they engage in the learning experiences with the entire class, highly benefiting from increased one-to-one instructional time with the teacher in contrast to working independently in centers.

MAP Testing
Curriculum Night - Kindergarten 6-7:30 pm (rescheduled)
Curriculum Night - 1st Grade 6-7:30 pm (rescheduled)