BCA Math

BCA Math – 21st Century Learning

Building a strong foundation in mathematics through inquiry-based curriculum
Developing critical thinking skills to support maximum IQ development of young learners

BCA Math is the first textbook created for young learners to build intellectual abilities to ensure a strong foundation in mathematical understanding. As our world is changing rapidly in technology and new innovations, new mathematics curriculum and teaching methods are required to develop logical, communicative and independent learners. BCA Math curriculum is inquiry based, problem-solving focused, and builds math foundation through sequential conceptual practices. The curriculum creatively connects mathematics to real-world experiences and consistently provides cross-curricular application practices.


Features of BCA Math

Global ContentsMath LabCommunication
A culture enriched resource will bring awareness of global relations in the mathematical world to young learners.Children are active participants in constructing mathematical ideas through exploring, investigating, and discovering. Math Lab provides an activity-based approach.Each lesson encourages children to discuss and explain their reasoning. Mathematical communication skills incite higher-level thinking and reasoning on many levels and can be applied across all subject areas.


BCA Math as Math Education

Bellevue Children’s Academy (BCA) provides BCA Math as comprehensive math education at each grade level.  BCA Math’s unique spiral approach focuses on the following three activity elements, which help students engage in tasks and apply knowledge and skills during problem solving, while repeatedly practicing with speed and accuracy:

  1. Understand – Acquired Solid Knowledge
    Introduction of a new topic attracts students’ interest and helps them acquire an elementary understanding of math.
  2. Calculate – Count with Speed and Accuracy
    Problem with different situations, numbers, or viewpoints are presented so that students can deepen their understanding and become acclimated to calculation.
  3. Think – Persevere in Thinking Based on Knowledge
    At the end of the topic, various math problems from basic level to application level are presented so that students develop higher application skills.

Providing Support for Teachers

Teachers are the most important element to any learning environment. We assist teachers in the creation of an environment that encourages each child to discover, explore, communicate, develop, and participate in his or her learning. The Book Guide has simple but helpful guidelines for teachers to deliver engaging lessons. The “Lesson Plan by Minutes” section is a unique feature and is helpful to ensure each child is an active learner during lessons.

Using BCA Math

BCA Math is a tool to help teachers and students learn how to think, rather than fed knowledge and facts to memorize. Our unique
approach to learning will develop innovative, problem solving, and thinking minds.

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