Campus Life

Extended Care

Morning Care and Aftercare



  • Available for Pre-K–5th grade
  • Morning care at 7:30 a.m.
  • Aftercare until 6:00 p.m.
  • Rate: $0.20/minute or $12/hour; monthly cap fee


What does my child do in aftercare? What does the Schedule include?

Aftercare teachers and staff plan activities to encourage group learning and individual development. The schedule is designed to keep minds and bodies active, but to provide rest as well. After a day inside the classroom, students are ready to learn in different ways. BCA Aftercare provides this opportunity in a more relaxed environment.

Are snacks provided by BCA?

No. All aftercare students sit together for snack-time after school, but these foods should be brought from home.

Is extended care open to everyone? How do I register?

Yes, any student in grades Pre-K through 5th can use BCA extended care. There is no need to register beforehand. If you bring your child to school early, sign in at the front office. After school, any child not picked up in the carline is sent directly to aftercare. When you pick up your child from school, remember to sign out at the office.

How do I inform BCA that my child will be in aftercare?

Let your child know! He/she can inform the teacher, or send a note in the morning. The teacher will help your child get to aftercare at the right time. Of course, you are also welcome to call our offices or send us an email.

Why do I need to sign in and out?

Using the office iPad to sign in and out allows BCA to track our students for security. Each authorized adult to pick up your child (including the parents) should have a student ID #. The sign-in and sign-out procedure is also how we track your extended care costs.

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