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Healthy & Well-Balanced Lunches

Parents have the choice of either providing a lunch from home or purchasing a school lunch through our online ordering system. Our kitchen staff takes great pride in preparing a healthy, well-balanced meal for our students each day. To ensure the children are receiving the right amount of nutrition during the lunch period, we have included fresh fruits and vegetables with every meal, low-fat dressings, whole grain options, and adequate portion sizes. To meet the needs of all of our families, we also provide a vegetarian option for any meals that contain meat.

Cost Of School Lunch

Lunch with salad bar:
$7.00 for the order placed by midnight 2 days prior
$10.00 for prior day or same day orders (Note: Please call the school’s front office, no later than by 10:00 am, for same day ordering.)

Milk: $1.00 Healthy Choice Item: $2.00


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Virtual Open House [2nd-4th Gr.] @ 6pm